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Implantech Associates, Inc.

  • Medical Supplies
  • Manufacturing
6025 Nicolle Street
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 339-9415
  • About

    Implantech is the recognized leader in manufacturing innovative facial and body contouring implants for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
    Since 1989, Implantech has been creating innovative implants, designed by prominent surgeons to provide long-lasting options for enhancing/correcting volume deficient areas of the face and body. Whether for cosmetic desires or corrective needs, Implantech's line of facial implants (chin, cheeks, nasal...) and body contouring implants (gluteal, pectoral, calf...) offers a wide variety of options.

    If no stock product is appropriate,Implantech's engineering team and the patient's surgeon will work together through our 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® service to create an implant to meet the individual patient's needs.

    Also available: Cimeosil® Scar Management Products (Scar and Laser Gel and Gel Sheeting) and the Gelzone® Wrap that combines compression healing, musculoskeletal support and scar management.
    High quality products offered by Implantech for Superior Patient Aesthetics!

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    Maintenance Technician
    Category: Construction, Installation and Mechanical
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    Phone:(805) 339-9415
    Engineering Technician I
    Category: Construction, Installation and Mechanical
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    Phone:(805) 339-9415